One Source Business Connections recently expanded to the Washington, PA area.  One Source has over 45 years experience in the marketing and financial outsourcing business.  “We started as a small company in the Pittsburgh area years ago.  As we grew and expanded across the country, it felt only natural to come back to where our roots are and create a home base,” says One Source director Angela Hurley.

One Source Business Connections return to the area has already made a mark on the community.  “We immediately wanted to start giving back to the community.  We set up fundraisers that are going to benefit school systems in the Washington and Fort Cherry area and plan to continue that,” says Hurley.

One Source Business Connections is sure to be a huge asset to the Washington area and it is great to welcome their team back!


One Source Business Connections is just that, the single resource for all your small business needs. We specialize in organizing and executing your business’s financial and accounting needs so that you can focus on building your venture.
You have started your dream and are doing what you love – whether it’s as CEO of your own company, or as an independent agent making things happen. But maybe you didn’t expect there to be so many moving parts to go along with bringing your passion to fruition. Tasks such as: compiling sales data, managing your staff’s payroll, keeping books, and filing returns.  These were not the things you envisioned spending your time on when you launched your small business, and now you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Let our trustworthy team at One Source Business Connections handle these tasks for you which will free up precious time while not jeopardizing your bottom line. Our easy system will help things run more smoothly and move onto doing what you love. We want to see you build and grow your business as far as you want to take it.

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