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What Are Positive Impacts of Change in Business?

by Chris Joseph, Demand Media

Though often resisted, change can have a positive impact on a business.

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Although change may be an inevitable part of doing business, it is not always embraced with open arms by employees, managers or business owners. Workers may be hesitant to leave the familiarity of their comfort zone or fear that they won’t be able to adapt to the change. While the short-term effects of change can sometimes be painful, it can have a positive impact on a business’ success in the long run.

Staying Current

Change can help a business stay current with industry trends, which can make it more attractive to potential customers as well as help maintain current customers. For example, if a competitor develops and markets a successful new product, a business can ensure that it doesn’t fall behind by developing and marketing a similar product of its own.

New Opportunities

The ability to embrace change can help employees in a business by creating new opportunities. A worker who enthusiastically applies herself to learning the new office computer system can also train others who are more hesitant. By assuming this leadership role, the employee may position herself as someone who is capable of assuming additional responsibilities, making her a possible candidate for future promotion.

Encouraging Innovation

Businesses that are adept at handling or even embracing change can foster an environment that encourages innovation. Employees who feel that their ideas will be considered by a manager or business owner may be more willing to think creatively, which can help a business grow. One good product or marketing idea can make a big difference in the success of a small business.

Increased Efficiency

Change can increase the efficiency of work processes, which can make for more satisfied customers as well as employees. A new delivery process can increase the speed in which a customer receives merchandise. Switching to a computerized payroll process may mean that a salesperson is paid his commissions sooner. A new piece of machinery can aid a worker in speeding up a portion of the production process in a factory.

Improved Attitudes

A philosophical or personnel change in an organization can have a positive effect on employee attitudes and morale. A change in human resources philosophy that allows for a more relaxed work environment, such as implementing a casual dress code, may be welcomed by employees. When a close-minded manager is replaced with one who is open to new ideas, employees may feel that they have more input regarding their job functions.

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