Outsourcing-Obtain (goods or a service) from an outside supplier, esp. in place of an internal source

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 71% of businesses fail not because they cannot do the core business they set up run, but because they struggle with all other aspects it takes to run a successful business.
Derek Colantonio, CEO of One Source Business Connections has over 16 years experience with outsourcing businesses and their services.  “When I started my own business, it was early on that I realized I would be way more successful if I focused on the sales and management side,” says Colantonio.  At that time, his experience and expertise were in that area so he outsourced all other services in order to focus on the core part of his business.   “My goal is to help companies outsource what they don’t want to do themselves, but need to do to compete and grow in today’s market place, ” says Colantonio.
Yes, there are dangers associated with outsourcing.  You hand off a part of your business to someone who did not build it and it is difficult to find outsourcing companies that you can not only trust, but also afford.  “At One Source Business Connections we try to be more partners, not just a service provider,” says Colantonio.

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